Roof Replacement vs. Repair

Your roof is in plain sight and contributes greatly to the aesthetics of your home, but it might be far from your mind — until you notice broken or loose shingles or water streaking down your walls because of a leak. When you notice roof damage, should you repair your roof or replace it?

Sometimes, what seems small could escalate into a bigger concern, and you’ll have to decide whether roof repair vs. replacement is the right route. In these instances, consulting a reliable roofing company is your best bet. They have the experience and knowledge to offer solutions. If you want to do some research before contacting a roofing professional, look no further. We’re going over some of the pros and cons of roof replacement and roof repair.

Pros and Cons of Roof Repair

The extent of the damage will also help you make a decision. Minor damage, like a few missing shingles or a chimney leak, can likely be fixed.

Here are some pros of roof repair:

  • Save money: If the damage is minor, it will cost less to repair the roof.
  • Save time: A small repair job takes less time than a replacement.

Consider the potential cons of roof repair:

  • Long-term costs: Continuous repairs may end up costing more, especially if not done properly or by professional roofing contractors.
  • Insurance claims: If you attempt to fix your roof but injure yourself or cause further damage, you might not be able to file an insurance claim.

Pros and Cons of Roof Replacement

If professionals can not salvage your roof due to the severity of the damage, they will likely recommend a replacement.

Here are some pros of roof replacement:

  • Increased curb appeal: A new roof significantly impacts your home’s curb appeal and enhances your home’s aesthetic.
  • Lasting results: Unless you experience significant damage to your roof again, your warranty should cover you for a good few years to come. You won’t have to worry about leaks for decades to come.
  • Hire professionals: Trusting a reputable roofing company to do the job will ensure it’s done properly. It also safeguards you if you ever need to file an insurance claim.

Here are some cons of roof replacement:

  • Costs: Your insurance company may cover some or all of the costs of a roof replacement, but a replacement will cost more than a repair job.
  • Time-consuming: Some jobs could take up to a week or longer. However, this is a small price to pay for the benefits a replacement offers.
  • Disturbances to your home: Your family’s routines might be impacted by the noise, debris and constant activity of the contractors for the duration of construction. After the job is done, you’ll have peace and quiet — and a new roof!

When Repairing Is a Better Option

You might want to hold back on replacing your entire roof and have it repaired instead. Here’s when repairing is a better option:

1. There’s Minimal Damage

Your roof may experience minimal damage over time because of constant exposure to the sun and other natural elements. Minimal damage that can often be repaired includes damage to shingles, chimney leaks, skylight leaks or mold formation. Professionals will inspect the roof to ensure the damage is superficial before beginning work.

2. You Need General Maintenance Services

To extend the life span of your roof, you can receive regular general maintenance services. Checking that the shingles are still in place and cleaning them with a pressure washer could help you spot areas that may need your attention.

3. Costs Are a Consideration

Repairing is more affordable than replacing your roof and is a better option if you’re on a strict budget. Repairs done professionally will be cost-effective so long as you keep up with roof maintenance.

Reasons for a Replacement

For minor roof maintenance, repairing is likely the better option. However, there are situations when you won’t be able to repair it, such as these:

1. There Is Irreparable Damage

The main reason a roof is deemed irreparable is usually due to severe storms. In most of these cases, there is little left to keep the roof intact, and a complete replacement is the only solution. If the damage is less severe but impacts the roof’s structure and ability to perform its function, roofing contractors will assess the situation and possibly recommend reroofing.

2. Your Roof Is Too Old

Like anything else, roofs expire after a certain amount of years. You will see signs like discoloration, granular loss in the shingles and general wear and tear as a result of constant exposure to harsh natural elements. As your roof ages, you may experience repeated issues that will cost more to keep fixing than to replace. The likely solution here would be to replace your roof.

3. There’s Been Extensive Weather Damage

Hail, snow and high winds cause immense damage that could require replacement. These elements could dent, tear and rip off shingles, leaving the deck exposed to water and snow, which may lead to further damage caused by ice dams and water pools. Roofing contractors will survey this to establish a need for reroofing vs. roof replacement.

The advantage of installing a new roof is that leaks won’t be a problem for years to come, even if you experience more severe storms. You will also enjoy a renewed warranty on your new roof to ensure peace of mind if you ever need to file an insurance claim. Visually, a new roof adds sophistication and curb appeal, earning admiration from your immediate neighbors and the broader community.

Another Option: Partial Roof Repair

Partial reroofing is your go-to option if you want to have part of your roof replaced in a fast and cost-effective way. Here, new shingles are laid over the existing shingles to revive your roof while offering renewed protection. The only drawback of reroofing is that it can only be done on one layer of shingles and not on metal roofs. The decision to reroof vs. installing a new roof depends on these requirements and other factors.

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