How Do Roofing Insurance Claims Work?

Have this year’s storms left your home’s roof in need of repairs? Falling trees, damaging winds and downright violent storms can instantly damage your roof, leaving you wondering whether or not the insurance company is going to cover the cost of repairs. Roof damage is a common reason homeowners just like yourself reach out to their agents to file insurance claims.     Roof repairs get costly fast, especially when you’re considering paying for them out-of-pocket to avoid a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy. But chances are any roof damages are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is important to look over your policy to see if what caused your roof damage is covered by insurance.     We understand that filing insurance claims is never fun, but contacting your insurance agent to file a claim is necessary when you need roof repair. If you’re curious to know more about how roofing insurance claims work before moving forward with roof repairs, this useful roofing resource will help you navigate the process and address your concerns.

Find a Trusted Roofing Contractor To Inspect The Damage

It’s important to maintain your home and identify any issues with your home’s roof as soon as possible. When you first discover that your roof has been damaged, you’ll want to contact a trusted roofing contractor to come to inspect the damage. A trusted professional roofing contractor will come out to your home to inspect the damage and make an assessment of the repairs needed on your roof. Quality roofing companies understand the process of filing claims with your insurance agent, and professional roofing contractors provide you with a detailed estimate of the repairs needed on your roof.     Most states require professional roofing contractors to be certified and licensed to perform repairs on your home. Be sure the contractor you contact for your roof repair has a license number, as this will make the claims process much easier. In fact, your claim will likely be rejected if you don’t have a detailed estimate for the cost of repairs from a licensed roofing contractor.     If the damage to your roof is severe, then you’ll need to start making any necessary repairs to prevent further damage and avoid having any future claims rejected. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to promptly make any necessary roof repairs to avoid further damaging the roof along with other areas of your home.     Just remember to keep any receipts for supplies, materials and labor that went into those necessary repairs so you can file them for reimbursement from the insurance company later. When an insurance adjuster can come to assess the damage on your roof, you’ll want to be prepared and take notes.

Take Note of Every Detail You Can

Meeting with the insurance adjuster to assess your roof’s damage means being prepared to take notes and ask questions. Having all the information you need to file a claim is crucial to speeding up the process and quickly repairing your roof. Be sure to take note of the adjuster’s name, the claim number, and the date and the time of the visit to make dealing with the insurance company easier and quicker. After the adjuster has assessed your roof’s damage and gathered their information, then it’s a good idea to ask them a few questions and gather some more information of your own.         The insurance adjuster should be able to answer questions such as how long you have to file a claim and how long claims take to process. They’ll also be able to tell you what repairs are covered under your insurance policy and what repairs are not covered. A trusted roofing professional will work with your insurance company to ensure everyone understands the scope of the work and the repairs being performed.

Start Repairs on Your Roof

Remember, if your roof needs repairs to keep other areas of your home safe and free from damage, then it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to go ahead and make any necessary repairs. Once the adjuster comes out to inspect the damage on your roof, then it’s time to start repairs. The roofing contractor you hired to complete the job will provide you with a timeline for completing the work plus schedule delivery for materials.     The trusted roofing contractor you chose will be responsible for completing the roof repairs within the quoted timeframe. They will communicate this with both you and your insurance company to set expectations and avoid any confusion between you and your insurance provider. Once the timeline is set, materials have been delivered to your property and the insurance company has signed off on any repairs, then your roof will be repaired.


After the work has been completed, it’s time to pay the roofing contractor for the roof repair job you hired them to perform. The payment process depends on whether or not your home has a mortgage. If your home has a mortgage, then the insurance company will typically make a check out to you and your mortgage company. This means the mortgage company has equal rights to the insurance check and must endorse the check along with you before funds are released.     This is because the mortgage company has a financial interest in your home and needs to be sure that the money from insurance is being used to actually pay for the repairs on your roof. Your mortgage company will usually put the funds from the insurance check into an escrow account and pay for the repairs on your home as they are performed.     If you don’t have a mortgage on your home, the funds from your insurance check are used to pay the roofing contractor directly without the need for an escrow account or involving a mortgage lender. Most roofing contractors require a small payment before work begins and accept payment in full for the work performed after roof repairs have been completed. Any supplemental work that your roofing contractor performed will also be billed once the work has been completed. Again, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the insurance funds are used to pay for these additional repairs or work performed.

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