Five Tips for Finding the Right Roofing Color

Five Tips for Finding the Right Roofing Color

If you’re building a house or want to replace the roof on your home, one decision you’ll need to make is the roof color. Just like painting a room, you want a roof color that’s flattering to the style and architecture of your home and can handle everyday weather conditions. Here’s our top five tips to help you pick your roof color.

1. Coordinate With Your House Colors

Matching the roof color to your house can be tricky. Whether you have unique brick colors, siding or shutters, every part of your home’s exterior can help you determine what color roofing will work for you. Sometimes, homeowners will match their roof to their garage door or shutters — we recommend drawing inspiration from colors on a more permanent part of your exterior, like brick, stone or siding.

2. Think About the Climate in Your Area

Dark or light shingles have an impact on the temperature of rooms in your home. If you choose dark shingles, they can impact the temperature of your attic. Be sure to think about your home’s location, the amount of sun it receives and your area’s overall climate. For example, if you live in Florida, it may be better to go with a lighter color to avoid an increase in your air conditioning bill.

3. Consider Your Architectural Style

If your neighborhood has a specific style or your home is Victorian-inspired, farmhouse-inspired or modern, think about how a roofing color will impact that style. Depending on how you want your home to look, consider the impact of a dark or light roof. For example, if you have a grand house, a dark roof color can create the illusion that it’s smaller. If you have a smaller home, a darker roof could make it look even smaller.

4. Review the Color Availability

Every company offers an array of options for roofing colors, but not every contractor will be able to fit the precise vision you have in mind. When you are working with your local roofing company, keep an open mind about your perfect roofing color. While a contractor may not have the exact color you want, they will likely have many other shades and colors to consider.

5. Set a Budget for Your Roofing

While you want to choose the best roof color, it’s important to stay within budget. Different roofing options will vary in quality and price. You want to maintain your vision for your home, but you must also respect your budget. A roofing contractor can help you find a solution that meets your budget and makes your home look beautiful.

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