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Tips For Avoiding a Roofing Project Disaster

When the time comes to repair or replace your roof make sure you do some research about the Salisbury roofing company you are going to choose. Otherwise, you may be faced with one of these unpleasant situations that can transform your roofing experience into a horror:

The Travelling Roofing Contractor:

Some businesses hit neighborhoods, usually after storms, and hastily install your new roof, disregarding crucial factors like workmanship and the use of reliable, high-quality materials. You will be lucky if they stay in compliance with the manufacturer warranty on the materials, which can easily be void due to poor installation methods.

The Project That Never Ends:

The Salisbury roof repair contractor might state that they will have the job completed quickly and efficiently however the job then drags on and on for days or possibly even weeks. While many factors could be causing this such as waiting for materials to arrive, or workers to finish other projects, this should not be your problem! We stay faithful to our commitment, and if any unforeseen delay arrives we will notify you promptly and not leave you dangling.

Your Yard is a Trash Receptacle:

Clean and tidy are two words that are usually NOT connected with most Salisbury roofing companies. Some businesses park trucks in your lawn without asking permission first, carelessly throw shingles and debris down on the landscaping, and leave food wrappers from lunch breaks in the gutters or bushes. We will take care of your house and property like our own, leaving you with nothing but a beautiful new roof and your complete satisfaction.

Lack of Communication:

Some contractors will assign a team of roofers that dive on to your home like a swarm of bees. They get right to it but they completely leave you in the dark about important details. Communication is the KEY to any successful relationship, whether it is business or personal. You will not have to ever worry about that when you work with us.


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July 9, 2019
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