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Got Hail Damage?

Scheduling a roof inspection with a Greensboro Roofingpro after a hail storm or major weather event should be a TOP priority for every homeowner. Hail damage to your roof is usually hard to see from the ground, so naturally, it does not cross most homeowners minds. But that does not mean you are in the clear just because you cannot see anything with a quick visual inspection from the perimeter of your yard. Even if you have the ability to get up on to your roof hail damage will often be overlooked to the untrained eye.

The longer you postpone renovations, the worse it is going to get, and here is why:

  1. When hail thumps an asphalt shingle, it frequently wears off the protective granular coating. Once they are all gone, the defending layer beneath is exposed to the elements.
  2. UV rays from the sun will make the exposed areas weaker and brittle. These spots are highly susceptible to creating a roof leak.
  3. Once a leaky roof happens, a whole slew of other problems can follow such as mold growth, electrical concerns, and water damage to your ceiling and walls. This can happen really fast and is usually not detected at first.

Insurance companies consider it to be a homeowners duty to maintain the condition of their home and take precautionary measures to prevent leaks with a professional Greensboro Roof Repair. If you wait until your roof is already leaking due to neglect before you make a claim, you will most likely be paying the bill out of your own pocket if you do. Preventing further damage to your home is why many insurance companies have time constraints from the time of initial damage to file a claim, and most policies will say that claims should be filed immediately or ASAP in the details.


Unpredictable storms give way to unpredictable problems. Choosing the right Greensboro roofing contractor to check the condition of your roof is important. We have a proven track record with excellent reviews, reliable workmanship, and our company can guarantee you professional and efficient service that would be difficult to find in another roofer.

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August 7, 2019
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